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Taking a moment to unwind in the woods

Nested away in a secret corner on the banks of river Cauvery, Galibore is a slice of heaven that you probably didn't know existed. Located in Karnataka's Kanakapura Taluk, Galibore is roughly a three hour drive from Bangalore City.

The Galibore Nature Camp by Jungle Lodges and Resorts (JLR) is a one of a kind experience. Tucked away deep in the forest with cabins overlooking the beautiful Cauvery, this camp is the perfect place to unwind, spend quality time with friends and family, or that much needed me time.

Our group of 10 hit the road around 10am, and once we got out of the city traffic and onto NICE road, it was a pretty peaceful drive. After a quick breakfast pitstop, we reached at about 1:30pm.

The camp is about a 10-15mins drive into the forest from the main road. Cute little cabins overlooking the river - spacious, a comfy bed, and a clean washroom. Essentials sorted. Freshened up, and headed out to wander around and explore the camp. A key highlight - ZERO NETWORK! That's right. Get away from those work calls, presentations and genuinely relaxxxx! A much needed digital detox for all us city peeps. There is exactly one spot in the entire property where you get network. Under the tree outside the restaurant you'll find a table with the two holy stones. Rest your phone on the stone and voilà! 4G! And the minute you move your phone away from the holy stone, disconnected from the world. How perfect right? Just you, the sound of flowing water, and chirping birds.

After strolling around the river bank for a bit I was headed for lunch when one of the staff called out to me asking me to quickly get my camera. Focused on the spot he was talking about and there he was, one massive croc! Till I saw him with my own eyes, I thought the man was kidding. My mini wildlife photographer moment. Also, mental note to self - Do not wander near the banks unless you wanna be croc food.

Many minutes harping about the croc later, I was off for lunch. The meals at JLR are buffets served in Gol Ghar, a gazebo overlooking the river. The view and meals are equally amazing! After all the yum-in-my-tum, I picked a spot near the cabin and chilled on a hammock for a bit after which I climbed up the ropes for some time in the sky with my monkey friends. And just like the child in me came to life.

After a nice hot cup of tea and some biscuits, we were off for our evening coracle ride. Crocodile spotting! We spotted that big fella up close now, just lazing on the banks and a baby guy laying near him. There's something genuinely exciting about spotting animals in their natural habitat and JLR gives you that unique experience. Our boatman filled us in on the history of place - the century old trees, bear claws marked on barks, and we spent a while spotting birds like parrots, eagles, and kingfishers. Towards the end, he took us for a quick spin. No, like literally! Spinning on a coracle in the middle of the river! In the boatman's words - I was done even before he started.

After the ride, we decided to play some volleyball. It's the perfect setting for a game. A court by the river flanked by towering trees, and we were at it till the lights went out. Amidst the game, I made a little escapade down to the banks, and watched as the sun set. The rays shined on the waters, and slowly the colors in the midst of the blue sky changed from yellow to orange at dusk. Evenings appreciating the beauty around us are just so underrated.

After a quick shower we were back for the bonfire on the banks. The moon, the warmth of the fire, a barbecue, and conversations. What more can one ask for? A perfect evening indeed. Dinner was served at the Gol Ghar and, many hours and drinks later, we hit the sack.

Woke up to the sound of chirping birds and stepped out into a foggy morning. After a cup of tea, we were off for the hike. Guided by a forest guard, the hike is a slightly steep one that takes you through tall trees and grass covers, up to a scenic spot. Bird's-eye view of the Cauvery, endless forest cover, and the mountains at a distance. Like a painting. Shades of greens, blues, yellows and browns. Untouched beauty.

Whether it's the food, stay, or hospitality, it's all 10/10 at the JLR camp, and all at an affordable price. The staff here are super sweet, friendly, and go the extra mile to ensure you get everything you need. It was my first time at a JLR camp but, definitely not my last! It was an experience that's put all their other 15+ camps around the country on my bucket list and Galibore once again right after the monsoons. A tranquil spot with splendid views all around. Indeed a memorable start to 2021.


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