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Discovering the lesser known Backwaters

Famously referred to as God's Own Country, Kerala is nothing short of paradise. Some beautiful landscapes, the lesser known nooks and corners more so. We've traveled around Kerala and go back every chance we get, pocketing a new spot on every trip there.

The Backwaters of Kerala have drawn people time and again, and continue to attract tourists from all over the world. We discovered one such sweet spot this time around. Located in the Kollam district of Kerala, a group of eight small islets, connected by a web of canals - Mundrothuruthu. Also called as Munroe Island, this little gem makes for the perfect backwater experience. Unlike the more popular backwaters of Kerala, this beauty is lesser known, making it an ideal pick away from the crowds.

We were staying in Varkala and rode down to Munroe one morning. Just riding around this place is pure bliss, as its filled with beautiful scenes all around. There are plenty of places around here that offer a boat ride through the canals. The people around here are very warm and will show you around, help you out, and share their stories.

The morning canoe ride was absolutely serene. Just the sound of the water as you float along on the country boat through the mangroves. Bird spotting, a random splash from a fish jump, and the occasional need to bend down as you pass by a low-lying branch. It's a beautiful experience.

We were around just for the ride, but if you want to stick around, there are plenty of resorts and homestays where you can catch the beautiful sunsets. Whether its a couple looking for an escapde, a friends trip or family time, Munroe and its canoe rides make for a lovely experience.


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