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Budget friendly destination to head to with your OG right now!

Semester breaks are definitely the best. No more books, internals or attendance crisis for the next few weeks! Certainly does call for a celebration! With long weekends also coming in, Pack them bags, we’ve got you covered. Rest assured that our picks will be easy on your pockets and will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

1. Gokarna

This beautiful coastal town will definitely find a special place in your heart. From the Sandy Kudle beach to the rocky Om or the off beat trek to the secluded paradise beach, Gokarna is perfect for your weekend getaway with friends. What’s even better is the beaches of Karwar and Murdeshwar are a quick bike ride away, leaving you with several places to explore and not to forget, the water sports! Kayaking in Karwar or Scuba diving and snorkelling in the famous blues waters of Netrani Island off Murdeshwara, there’s just so much to explore!

2. Udupi

Looking for that perfect beach vacation away from the crowds? Look no further. Udupi is far more than just a temple town. From the Sandy beaches of Maple and Kaup to surfing in the waters of Kodi Bengere, this one should be on your list.

3. Hampi

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Hampi has grown to become a world famous backpacker destination. The beautiful sunsets, unearthly landscapes and magnificent ruins of the Vijayanagar Empire, go unravel the mystique of this land with your besties.

4. Varkala

Coastal town that’s gaining popularity, Varkala should definitely be on everybody’s list. Clear blue waters, surreal sunsets, quaint cafes and those cliff walks, this place will have a piece of your heart forever.

Want to know more about Varkala? We've got you covered: Enchanting Varkala

5. Goa

Macha Goa hogona?

Hai Bhagawan utha le aur Goa mei phek de!

Goa polama broo?

Everyone’s favorite, Goaaaa. This one’s paradise and fits just about any budget. The constant battle between north or south, where to stay, best restaurants and night clubs. Hit us up and we’ll share our stories to help you make some memorable ones. Friends, family or couples getaway, budget trips or luxury vacay, Goa is for everybody!


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